10 Reasons To choose to us

It knows as they are the main reasons for which it must choose to us as his supplier.


All our services of Lodging Web, VPS and Streaming have been designed suitably to fulfill the highest expectations and exigencies of our clients. We want to share with you the 10 main reasons for which it must choose to us as his supplier. We dedicate all our effort so that our clients totally are satisfied.

1. High tech

Our Servants Intel Dual Xeon, Ram memory ECC DDR3 and discs SSD in RAID are able to support to a high level of activity allowing a greater yield and performance for each of our clients since we independently offered to the service hosting and streaming in each server.

We use technologies of last generation that maintains our servants in an excellent level of stability. Also we used security systems of the most advanced in the technological industry to enormously satisfy the expectations with our enterprise clients.

2. Speed and Connectivity

The Servants are installed in datacenter own, located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia - the USA with a connection of until 10Gbps provided by multiple companies of first level.

3. Monitoring 24 hours

We count on a system of monitoring of protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3 and smtp every 5 minutes the 24 hours to the day. This system, before a possible fall of the servants, alerts to our technicians and personnel of support to its movable telephones and devices, allowing them to react of way immediate and opportune the 24 hours to the day the 365 days of the year.

4. System of Backup and Copias de Respaldo

We count on a system of External Backup thus allowing to safeguard of a reliable and safe way the information of our clients.

The external Backup consists in emergency of a stored hard disk in exclusively designed external servants for backup copies before any incident of greater magnitude in our servants.

5. Support to the Client

We offer support the 365 days of the year via Panel of the Client, Chat or via E-mail. Also we offer support On Line in certain hours of the day, has supported in problems of greater magnitude through our telephone line in office schedules.

6. Experience and Trajectory

Our equipment is constituted by professionals highly described with more than 14 years as experience in Technologies of the Information that take daily realising workings of maintenance in our servants and attention of the consultations of support to all our provided with accomodations clients in our servants.

7. Diverse Means of Payment

We have diverse means of payment: Transactions in line with PAGUM, Transference of money via Western Union, Bank deposit for our clients in Peru and Colombia. Also We accepted Payments with Credit card via Paypal.

8. Legality

We are a company of ample endorsement since we are legally formalized in the Registries Public of the Republic of Peru. Constituted with the trade name iMedia Network Joint-stock company Closed with RUC Number 20572188516.

9. Low prices

We almost offer plans from USD$2.00 to the month. We have the lowest prices of the national and international market. The main factor that allows us to offer so low prices is that we are DIRECT suppliers, thus eliminating all extra charges originated by the intermediary use.

The majority of our competition offers lifted prices, this is because they are remarketers, do not have own infrastructure. A simple search in Google compares our prices doing.

10. Seriousness and Honesty

We are a formalized company and constituted legally, we have our objectives good drawn up. We are professional and we respected to our clients guaranteeing to him seriousness, responsibility and stability that you are looking for.