Development of Applications for its iPhone and Android

Our experience allows us to offer the solutions to him for the development of applications for its business.

development apps


In iMedia Network SAC we have considered that the present and future of the new technologies happens through the use of the movable devices with Internet. In this sense, we developed to applications for smartphones and iPhone devices, iPad and Android, movable integration with existing computer science systems, maintenance of applications, support of applications and development of new computer science systems to operate its movable application.

We belong to the official program of Apple developer (Apple Developer Program), as well as to the platform of developer of Android (Google Android Developers). Or that wishes to create a movable application from zero or wishes to accede to the information in its systems or ERP from his smartphone or tablet, we can help it to obtain it.

Benefits of an Application for its business

  • Availability 24 hours.
  • A new channel of sale in expansion.
  • To generate image name brand.
  • To differentiate to you from the competition.
  • Fidelizar to your client.

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