Our Forms of payment

We accept different forms of payment thus is banking transferences, deposits and credit cards through Paypal.

Forms PaymentWe offer diverse alternatives of payment for all those that wish to contract our plans. We offer the facilities necessary to be able to acquire our services or with bank deposit, transference or Payments with his Credit card from any place around the world. It remembers that the activation of its acquired service is immediate after to have confirmed its deposit. It remembers that the prices in our plans do not include IGV.

Bank of the Nation
Account number: 00-542-006811
Interbank code ITC: 01854200054200681115
To title: iMedia Network SAC.
It counts in Suns
Bank of the Nation

BBVA-Continental bank
Account number: 0011-0299-0200002323
Interbank code ITC: 011-299-000200002323-50
To title: Marco A. Caballero Ríos
He counts in Suns
Continental bank

The users who wish to make their mendiante payment Paypal must carry out the deposit to [email protected]

Western Union - For deposits of the foreigner
Name: Carolina Acosta Vega
Address: Jr Augusto B. Leguia 460
City: Bellavista
Country: Peru
Western Union

If it wishes major information about more forms of payment available in Peru please contacts to us.