Our Infrastructure

We count on the most powerful servants and infrastructure of last generation to offer a better service him.

iMedia NetworkOur main objective is to offer to the client the maximum quality in our dedicated server hosting services of lodging of its webpage and radio streaming. The servants are located in Berkeley Springs, West Virgina - the USA and are preparations with the best specifications of quality and power to offer to our clients an integral service, with speed and guaranteed security. Our servants are able to handle thousand of users connected, thanks to their high benefits of process and connectivity since we maintain separated our Hosting services and Streaming in different servants which gives to a great advantage differential us with respect to our competitors.

Also in our servant they are installed the last technologies of development Web as PHP and MySQL that stay continuously updated to offer to the client the maximum technology to him, offering therefore a stable and reliable service.


We operate under networks different to increase the accessibility to our clients and to efficiently provide the connectivity of high quality. Our network uses hardware and technologies of network of Cisco, as BGP, HSRP and LACP, to give the data necessary to satisfy its needs, great or small. We count on a bandwidth of more than 20 10 xs Gbps of the following companies:

  • Tinet Spa
  • Equinix Exchange in Ashburn, GOES
  • to nLayer
  • CoGhent Communications
  • Black Lotus Communications
  • NTT America, Inc.
  • GTT Communications, Inc.
  • Hurricane Electric, Inc.

We tell on a powerful platform enterprise level using Proxmox SEES, is a complete solution of management of the virtualization of servants of open code. One is based on virtualization KVM and of virtualization based on containers and manages the virtual machines, storage, virtual networkings, and IS Clustering, and with our managed vps hosting everything will seem so easy.

Server Hosting Server Streaming

Administered under CPanel/WHM and CloudLinux

DNS Hosting
ns1.serveronet.com []
ns2.serveronet.com []


Administered under CentovaCast

IPs Streaming
ns1.mystream.club []
ns2.mystream.club []