Policies of Privacy

In iMedia Network SAC we took ourselves very in serious the protection of its personal information. Reason why wishing to protect its rights, we have established this políitica about the privacy. Make sure to understand or our policy on the matter and they do not doubt in contacting to us if you have you ask or restlessness concerning this document.

Use of personal information

iMedia Network S.A.C will not look for to sell, to rent, to give, to change or to give its email address, her postal code or its telephone number to a third party without its explicit permission. Their personal information are protected and they cannot be to encontradar outer person on the other. iMedia Network S.A.C will only use the personal information of the client when it is necessary to grant contracted services and to obtain the honoraria due.

Spreading of personal infomaciones

The client authorizes to iMedia Network S.A.C to use his name, names of the company, the city, or the information of the country and the commentaries in documents of sale or as testimonies on the site. At any moment the client can send a written notification in order to retire this authorization. iMedia Network S.A.C will only reveal its personal information, to a third party if it is demanded by the law as it tries by an order of valid Court of competent jurisdiction or by an agency of collection in necessary case.

Spreading of Not-Personnel information

iMedia Network S.A.C can share with its associates or a third party, its anonymous information on its global visits of a web site. For example, we can grant statistical data with respect to the number of users of a particular sector. The transmitted information will be used by statistical aims and it will not reveal his identity at any moment.

Questions and commentaries

For more additional questions, our form of contact contacts our equipment using.