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We offer stable and escalables plans to him that will allow him to choose according to the needs of their business.

radio streamingOur plans streaming is one of the services of better sale in Internet does not wait for more in acquiring its plan and is united to this great group.

We offer a stable service and burglaryable to him that will allow him to choose according to the needs of its business. It selects to his plan streaming that adapts better to its needs.

Characteristics RS-1 RS-2 RS-3 RS-4
Simultaneous listeners 100 200 300 500
He tries Maximum 96 kbps 96 kbps 128 kbps 128 kbps
Disc space 5 GB 8 GB 10 GB 15 GB
Monthly transference Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless
Detailed statistics
Centova Streaming Panel
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Support for Mobiles
Google Maps
Shoutcast/Icecast support
Monthly price U$ 10.00 U$ 14.00 U$ 18.00 U$ 25.00
Semester price U$ 50.00 U$ 70.00 U$ 90.00 U$ 175.00
Annual price U$ 100.00 U$ 140.00 U$ 180.00 U$ 250.00
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You want a more customized plan? you need listeners more or less? we have a plan for you! You can emit your audio signal of the 24 hours of the day without worrying to you about the bandwidth. If you wish to be Reseller Streaming of our service please visits the following Connection.


You emit his music mp3 or signal a.m. - FM from its PC to one of our powerful servants, and this, she is in charge to send the transmission to him of audio to each one of the listeners who connect themselves. This service, has different options, so that you choose to his criterion. We will send all the necessary data to him so that you can be connected our servants and be begun to emit his Vía Internet signal.


You simply must have winamp installed in his PC and plugin called \ \ \ “Shoutcast DSP \ \ \? or SamBrodcaster. We will guide in the process of installation and configuration to him. After this he only must reproduce music with winamp. The DSP would take care to compress music in format mp3/AAC and after this to be sent it to the servant.


The servant would take care to transmit music to his listeners, who will be able to listen to the emission with their favorite reproducer from any part of the world.


Any reproducer able to reproduce audio in mp3 and Acc/Extra will work. (Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, sonique, etc.)

to player winamp to player wmp to player real to player iTunes

You will have a Control Panel from which she will be able to see the statistics of the radio, the listeners who visit it among others things. At the moment we are offering plans of audio under format MP3, mp3PRO, AAC, eAAC+ and Ogg Vorbis, as much for final emissions as broadcastings.

mp3PRO  aacPlus

  • Prices without IGV, if it wishes that we issue invoice will have to pay corresponding 18% to him.
  • We guarantee uptime of the 99,9%
  • If it wishes more information in line please contacts to us.
  • We count on different forms of payment will be able to see more information here.
  • The activation of its account IMMEDIATE after is confirmed its deposit.