Terms and Conditions of the Service

iMedia Network SAC., is committed to offer to the CLIENT the service of lodging of its content Web (HOSTING) and names of its site (DOMINION) according to the established thing in the issued document. Also the CLIENT accepts and she is committed to respect the following norms:


The CLIENT can use the space assigned for WEBSITES with commercial, informative or personal content that is compatible with the laws of the Republic of the Peru and the United States of North America.

To present and/or to distribute illegal obscene material final are prohibited. In case of violation of it is norm, the WEBSITE will be cancelled and all the content erased without previous warning and right to reimbursement for the CLIENT. Also the CLIENT commits himself to indemizar to iMedia Network SAC and its representatives by any reclamation or damage result of the use of the WEBSITE.


Pirate Software
Phonographic piracy/illegal Archives MP3
Software for Spam/ready illegal of emails
Programs or archives for hackers
Serial numbers of Software/Cracks/Warez
Illegal pornography of any class
Casinos or bets
Consumption and/or drug traffic
Terrorism/racism/hatred groups
Content or slanderous material
Anti-ecological content/animal Battering (Bulls, cockfight, etc.)

iMedia Network SAC will be the only person with authority to decide that it constitutes a violation to these norms.


Space; if a WEBSITE exceeds the assigned space, Megabyte will be paid to him additional until the term of the corresponding month and will have to make the payment by the Megabyte additional.

Traffic; if a WEBSITE exceeds the assigned traffic, additional GB will be paid to him until the term of the corresponding month and will have to make the payment by the additional GB. The service of Web hosting that offers iMedia Network SAC is not appropriate for the following types of WEBSITE:

- Distribution of Shareware lodged in the servant
- Distribution of content multimedia lodged in the servant
- FTP exclusively
- Sub-hosting exclusively
- Chat


If the WEBSITE gets to use excessive resources of the servant (CPU, memory, etc.) is suspended momentarily and without previous warning. Soon the CLIENT will be notified of the fact so that she reduces the load of his WEBSITE. iMedia Network SAC and its representatives will be the only referees in determining if a Website excessively uses the resources of the servant.


a) is place to no reimbursement, once opened and paid the registry of certain DOMINION. Once chosen, registered and activated the DOMINION, it will not be able to modify until culminating his period of contract.
b) Once the client has contracted a service of hosting for a determined dominion, this one podra not to ask for change or modification of the dominion on the account of hosting contracted.
c) the dominion registry free that is only included in the plans of Resellers will be made cash when the contract is greater or equal to 1 year.
d) the registry of Dominions is made to through our own panel, having created its independent panel of Control the client.
e) the cost of registry of Promotional Dominion including Hosting is of $10,00 in its renovation the cost will be the price normal of $12 and transferred its own panel. These dominions can at any time be transferred to a cost of $15 any recorder.


The technical support will be available via e-mail or tickets in Area of Clients and sometimes through service of instantaneous mail in our own Web and is limited only the problems directly related to the service offered as the connectivity of the servant, HTTP, FTP and services of the e-mail. iMedia Network SAC does not offer technical support in the configuration, solution of problems of applications of third parties, such as: Lists of Email, Data bases of MySQL, Programming PHP, Perl, Agora, Interchange Oscommerce, Scripts Pre-installed or Scripts de Terceros, etc.


Network SAC is final prohibited to use the network of iMedia to transmit e-mail nonasked for (SPAM) or similars. The dominion of the CLIENT could not be origin, intermediary or direction of answer of e-mail nonasked for. The violation of this norm will be in the definitive cancellation and immediate of the account of the USUARY violator without right to reclamation nor reimbursement and the content of the WEBSITE totally it will be erased without previous warning. iMedia Network SAC will be the only person with authority to decide that it constitutes a violation to this norm.


iMedia Network SAC will maintain, in accordance with the possible thing, an availability of the service in a calculated 99% on the basis of an annual period. Nevertheless, due to the nature of the provided service, an interruption could at any time happen for many reasons beyond the negligence of iMedia Network SAC.

The damages that are the result of any interruption of the service are too difficult to determine. iMedia Network SAC will not be responsible by any damage and damage that happen by these causes. Obligació of iMedia Network SAC for its own negligence cannot exceed an amount in any case equivalent to the pagables positions to a month, that are obtained from the period contracted between the number of months of this period (Semester or Annual).


The payments by renovation of the service thus are Monthly, Semester or Annual they must carry out it in the date of fulfillment of the service before the breach of this it will recharge $2,00 to him and be 5 to make the payment or it will be come to suspend and/or to eliminate his account of the system without right reclamation.


The integrity of all the information, data bases and archives that conform the WEBSITE is responsibility of the CLIENT. iMedia Network SAC counts on efficient endorsement and security systems of information and realises periodically, backup copies of all the hard disks of its servants and in case of being necessary it can facilitate these copies to the CLIENT but without no responsibility or obligation on the integrity of these. iMedia Network SAC does not become person in charge by the material, economic damages nor of any other type who could undergo the CLIENT before a possible total losses or partial of information.


When aperturar an account, the CLIENT by email receives electronic a password (password) of access to its Control Panel. It is exclusive responsibility of the CLIENT to maintain this password in a safe place so that people nonauthorized cannot have access to the account. The CLIENT can at any time modify his password from his Control Panel. In case of loss the CLIENT can ask for his password to the support direction which will be sent to the email address registered with the account. Of no way a password by telephone route will be given, fax or another means.


iMedia Network SAC is authorized to carry out you cut programmed in all those cases in that it is necessary to take to end some adjustment, modification or improvement, as well as for the repair of possible failures.


Once ordered and paid the service, the client is 15 to cancel the service and to ask for the return of his money. When finalizing the fifteenth day there is place to no reimbursement of money for the CLIENT by no reason.

The payment of the dominions, by its nature, is not reimbursable. Payments the monthly as well as the payment of it accounts Resellers, Streaming, VPS and Dedicated are not reimbursable.

All reimbursement will generate an administrative cost of U$D20.00 that will have to be assumed by the client.

When acquiring any plan of hosting with iMedia Network SAC implies the automatic and irrevocable acceptance of the terms and conditions here established.

Modified: 01/02/2018